Questionnaire Summarized Response

Imagine that you are describing your congregation to a visitor, or to your next pastor. Who are you as a congregation?

What things are important to you? What are you and the other people in the congregation excited over?

We are Norwegian and proud of our Heritage (6)

Two state church with up to 5 school districts

Traditional in most ways (5) – need help loosening up and getting new music

Love sharing our beautiful church

Proud of our May 17th Scandinavian supper (5)

Want to pass down the heritage to our younger generation (4)

A caring, inviting and warm congregation (3) – sometimes we go back to our original groups and ignore

Volunteering within our talents – not allowing new ideas at times

Hardworking rural families (2)

Generally conservative but open to new “good value” ideas

Increase in young families with children

Participating in food and clothing drives for our community

Proud Lutherans (5)

Blanket making and giving (2)

Socially conservative

Proud Hands of Faith program (3)

Lenten suppers (5)

Pastor candidates like to learn about traditions of a congregation at which they would be interviewing.

Please list three important traditions you feel define our congregation. Are there any traditions

you would like to see changed?

May Scandinavian supper tradition needs to be taught to the younger families (3)

An occasional contemporary service

Share and Care” program with families who are sick or healing

All the special Christmas and Easter services (6)

We need to keep the youth services and activities important (5)

Wonderful altar decorations due to a great Altar guild

Continued help with hands of faith, difficult to get members families to spend the night during the week but if we want this service to continue we need to help more

Casual atmosphere

Sunday School program and Christmas program (5)

Fellowship hour (3)

Like to see different things during service (i.e. musical choices, service settings)

Like to see new decorations during the Christmas and Easter services, need change ups (3)

We need to allow younger families more say on what can be done in the church, seems to be the same families always decorating and not getting input from others

Moving to one service on Sunday and a week day service year round, not just during the summer (7)

Would like to see a shorter prayer service on Wednesdays during lent (allowing families with small children to get home earlier)

Conflict is inevitable in any organization, including a church. Often conflict can lead to renewed

growth and vigor if handled well. Please describe conflict that had occurred and how it was handled?

Is there a current conflict and how would you like to see it handled?

We need a pastor that will work as a mediator and help us to see both sides of any conflict

No real monitoring of the confirmation, there are requirements but then they are pushed a side when not met

Confirmation needs to be shortened to a one year school, two years it too long

Much conflict is avoided or laughed off, leaving feelings hurt

Many feel there is conflict within the church committees which is preventing “new” members to join the committee as they do not want to be a part of the conflict

We have lost members due to the “it’s my way, or the highway” or “we have always done it this way” mentality of other, longer standing families

The same families seem to dominate the church, they act like they want new opinions but then smile and wave the opinions away, doing what they want to do

(might not be that younger families don’t want to be leaders of the church but more that they are not accepted in)

To help your congregational leaders and your next pastor plan for future outreach, what areas of

outreach do you feel need to be explored or areas you feel JP can expand upon?

Visiting the shut-ins more (4)

Bible Study sessions need to be brought back

Visit families in the area and introduce ourselves

Visit other churches to see how they are doing things and maybe get new thoughts

We need to really have the “all are welcome” attitude, not just say it

We need to be in the community, not just collecting food for the food pantries but actually out in the community helping (5)

Are there trends in our communities that should be addressed by the congregation in the next

five years? (Ex: Impacts of populations shifts, unemployment, recreation, homelessness, domestic violence)

We need to support our local library, continue to support the food pantry and any service within the local towns

Sports taking Sunday and Wednesdays away from the church (5)

Would like to see one service on Sundays at 9 am, numbers are down and too hard to get ushers and readers for two on Sunday (4)

We need a pastor that is open and willing to stand with us, show us how to pray for our activities so that they flourish

We need to refer back to the ELCA and get suggestions on how to grow, or good changes that other churches have done that are succeeding

Staying in contact with children of divorced families (4)

Older members are holding onto the church too tight and not allowing the younger members to step up to do more

Where is God leading your congregation in the future? During the next 1-3 years, what are the

top three mission priorities for the congregation which, if accomplished, hold the most promise

for the development of your ministry? (Ex: outreach to increase membership, community service,

building program, restructuring committee)

More community service work (like Ohio) but closer to home (2)

Attract more young people with families (2)

Continual financial stability

Keep church unity

We need to be taught how to teach others about our church and about our faith as Lutherans, then spread the word to bring more people to Christ

Allowing members to get active in programs or committees that they weren’t apart of previously (new blood with new ideas)

Need to get an accurate number of active membership and reach out to those families that are not currently attending

Attention on the youth as they are the future of JP

JP needs to be in the closest communities and put out helping hands were needed (i.e. financially, physical help by cutting grass or helping the elderly, be there for families that are divorced and need help)

Plan youth activities, fun things during the week or “lock-ins” during the summer, New Year’s Eve party

New members on council, not the same ones over and over