Worship Hours


          Sundays               March 26, April 2,9,23,30                  8:30AM  Worship       

                                                                                                9:20AM  Sunday School, Fellowship Hour, Choir Practice

                                                                                                10:30AM  Worship

          Sunday                  April 16                                             EASTER “Son”Rise Service at 6:30AM, Breakfast at 8AM

                                                                                                Festival Worship at 9:30AM, No Sunday School

          Wednesdays          March 29 and April 5                        5:45PM-6:45PM Lenten Suppers—

                                                                                                (Hot Pasta Dishes-March 29th , Fish Fry – April 5th )

                                                                                                7PM “Half-baked” Lent Devotions

          Thursday              April 13                                             7PM Maundy Thursday Devotion

          Friday                   April 14                                             7PM Good Friday Tenebrae Service



Jefferson Prairie Lutheran Church

Member of South Central Synod of Wisconsin  S.C.S.W.

Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America   E.L.C.A.

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